When we opened our first store, near six¬†years ago, we very much defined ourselves by the Brewer’s Association definition of a craft brewer, which at the time, seemed appropriate, though it’s worth noting that the Brewer’s Association is a trade organization, intent on defining a brewer, not a retail bottle shop or bar. As we grew and watched the very small industry around us grow, we realized that it was time we figured out who the heck we were.

Much of 2014 was spent hammering out our mission (and trinity): amazing beer, education and hospitality! The first four years of our business was spent not buying or selling beer that was brewed by those breweries that controlled the majority of the beer brewed in the world, breweries like AB-InBev, MillerCoors, and Cerveceria Costa Rica. In late 2014 we made a decision to stop dividing ourselves from others, by what beer we bought and sold. We actually wanted to stop keeping score and let what was at our core be the shining star in our stores: really amazing beer!

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2,180 SF

Dallas TX

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